Technology and the Sole Practitioner: 3 Reasons to Take Compliance Paperless

Technology and the Sole Practitioner: 3 Reasons to Take Compliance Paperless

Over the last 20 years technology has changed at an increasing rate and keeping up is hard to do. With everything else an adviser or rep has to manage, technology doesn’t seem as important. The longer you don’t think about technology the harder it is to consider a different system.

Do you ever wonder if there is an easier way to do everything you do? Can there be? When your daily tasks consist of so many factors, is there a provider that has everything you need? Or will you get stuck with a different provider for everything you do?

Well, we are happy to tell you that Erado serves as a one-stop-shop for your compliance needs. Erado offers The Elements™ Compliance Platform, an end-to-end hosted compliance solution that helps users go paperless. Erado takes your day-to-day operations and automates them, allowing you to seamlessly adapt to modern times.

No more digging through paperwork to find the records you need. Go paperless with Erado.

#1—Gives you Peace of Mind

With a combination of archiving, security, surveillance, and hosted services, the Elements Compliance Platform ensures that all of your systems are running together and that you can access those pieces from one platform. Furthermore, you won’t need to sign in to a proxy server to make sure that you’re in compliance. Just do what you normally do and know that the Elements Compliance Platform is securing your email, archiving it, and monitoring it behind the scenes. Elements even speeds up the eDiscovery process by making sure that all information is eDiscovery ready.

Go ahead, tear up that email you just printed. Erado has already made a copy and stored it for you, so you’re safe.

#2—The Most Bang for your Buck

Forget the amount of money your practice will save on paper supplies, the Elements Compliance Platform provides a full suite of software and services that efficiently performs daily tasks at consistently lower costs. Elements is also one of the only compliance providers that offers a product that uses the same archiving technology to aid with revenue generation.

Once you start using Elements products, the only stacks of paper you’ll have piling up will be cash.

#3—Easily Accessible Information

The Elements Compliance Platform’s products and services provide easily accessible information found with highly granular search capabilities. Get notifications when an email is sent encrypted or when an email can’t be sent out based on the lexicon you selected. Simply put, if there is something you need you to know, or if you need to find something, Elements makes the process simple.

So pull out that paper shredder and clear some space for the Elements Compliance Platform. Erado has the products and services that will bring you to the forefront of modern compliance. No more paper piles, hours of searching, and money spent on systems that don’t add to productivity. Your processes will work quickly, simply, and most importantly—automatically.

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