5 Cures for Your Text Messaging Compliance Headache

5 Cures for Your Text Messaging Compliance Headache

Texting is a compliance headache. Add in iMessage, What’sApp and Facebook Messenger and that headache worsens. Why? They’re all different and they create workflow, management, and compliance challenges for today’s regulated industries. FINRA, The SEC, and other regulatory bodies require the capture, archiving and monitoring of all electronic communication types, including ALL of these messages. Who’s got the Aspirin?

We do. Erado pioneered social media compliance, and now we’re pioneering SMS/text message and mobile voice archiving and compliance with our Cloud Based Secure Messaging and SMS/MMS Archiving Solution. With that, here are our five cures to rid your compliance headache for good.

Know the Facts
Eighty-five to eighty-six percent of mobile users are… can you guess? iPhone users. New compliance rule 1718 requires all forms of electronic communication to be recorded. The problem is that you can’t really turn off iMessage and there’s no way to capture these internet messaging servers. (Yep, we’re talking about WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger too). So, what’s a compliant company to do?

Secure Messaging App
“Erado’s Cloud Based Secure Messaging and SMS/MMS Archiving Solution.” The name may be a mouthful, but it’s true. Our app is 100 percent cloud based. We don’t make you purchase a bulky box to put in your data centers. There is no hardware. It’s also carrier agnostic, so it doesn’t matter if you have AT&T or TMOBILE and it runs on all iOS + current android systems.

Two Numbers, One Device
Keep work and personal messaging separate, all on the same device. Through the app you’ll have an Enterprise number to send and receive messages that will be archived with a complete audit trail, including detailed Sent, Delivered and Read delivery receipts. It’s a virtual phone within a phone! Literally. Ensure your privacy by keeping your personal number and personal communication private. And, when Enterprise data is deleted, all your personal data and messages will still be there!

The Web App
What’s worse than a billion different chat boxes with coworkers, clients and partners in a billion different chat apps? Perhaps a few things, but this still sounds like a pain. We created an easy-to-use web app so you can continue your messaging using your Virtual Enterprise Number (a.k.a your work line!). Get all the way chat savvy and messaging compliant.

Know What’s Next
Our cloud based app is currently available for your text message archiving needs. In Q3 2017, we will be launching voice call archiving! You’ll be able to track all voice calls through our new app from your one device. You’ll no longer need a work phone and a personal phone. That’s right—texting + web interface + voice calls in one place.

Are you currently being text messaging compliant or searching for that all-encompassing archiving solution for your digital messaging? According to the FINRA and The SEC… it should be a priority. Check out Erado’s Cloud Based Secure Messaging and SMS/MMS Archiving Solution to keep your company compliant.

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