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Erado’s SecureMail is built around compliance and supervision. Regulations require the protection and security of sensitive client data. The cost of non-compliance is higher than ever. Erado’s SecureMail is easy to use for both the message sender and receiver and is fully integrated with Erado’s world-class archiving, supervision, and retrieval platform. Erado’s platform provides the tools necessary to implement and deploy secure email communications while adhering to archiving and supervision requirements.

Key Features

Policy Based Encryption

Policy based encryption for your entire organization or different employee classes.

Universal Compatibility

Compatible with various desktop and mobile platforms, including Windows, Macintosh, Linux,  iPhone, Palm, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows Mobile.

Audit Trail

Full audit trail of every message.

Smart Delivery

Automatically deliver messages in the least disruptive and the most secure way.

Automated Encryption

No keywords in special brackets, applies your company’s encryption policies automatically, securely, and facilitates regulatory compliance measures.

Integrated Archiving

Fully integrates with Erado’s Archiving and Supervision platform that streamlines review and retrieval of encrypted messages.

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