5 Reasons You Should Choose Erado

Thank you for considering Erado for your electronic communications compliance needs. At Erado we have built a superior unified archiving and supervision platform in addition to building a great company with great people. Below are five reasons why you should choose Erado as the best compliance solution for your needs. I invite you to learn why we are one of the fastest growing companies and what makes us better than the competition.



Reason #1 – We Built A Fully Integrated Platform

Everything in Erado’s Compliance Platform was designed to work together seamlessly.  We built Erado’s unified archive to store and retrieve just about any electronic communication you can throw at it from email to instant messaging, to audio and video (think podcasts and YouTube), to text messages (even iMessage), websites, blogs, and more social media content than anyone else.  We pioneered social media archiving and we are now pioneering mobile voice archiving.  Building our own platform lets us innovate and develop solutions quickly to address the ever changing communications and regulatory environment.  WE ARE THE FIRST AND ONLY COMPANY that captures, archives, and supervises  3rd party content and embedded hyperlinks in all messages.  The best solution to ensure your firm is in compliance with FINRA, SEC, and e-Discovery regulations.


Reason #2 – Supervision and Reporting

Today there are over 50 content channels that you must archive and supervise.  Managing the polices for all this content is what Erado’s reporting and policy management apps were built for.  You don’t have the same compliance policies for email that you have for trading.  Why would you have “one policy” for over 50 types of communications that include 150 sub-content types?  Erado’s surveillance app gives you the ability to quickly create and deploy policy, even by message direction (sent vs. received).  Why is this important?  One word: “productivity”.  Our supervision and reporting app reduces the valuable time needed to properly supervise content.


Reason #3 – The Pioneer in Social Media Archiving and Supervision

Email archiving is important and at the start of each conversation with our customers.  However Social Media today is taking over and is the future.  The next generation of clients would rather connect via text, snapchat, Facebook, instant message, tweet, or use LinkedIn InMail.  Today’s Social Media users are changing the game and demanding information from non-traditional channels.  We saw the trend in 2005 and started developing applications to capture, archive, and supervise social media. Erado was THE FIRST COMPANY to capture social media content and archive it. We have more experience navigating the changing social media landscape and that matters when it comes to compliance.


Reason #4 – 100% Customer Satisfaction

We know not all of our customers are alike.  Some customers understand the technical nuances of archiving and supervision and have the capability of managing themselves.  Other customers are completely new to archiving and supervision and we know that can be intimidating.  We work to cater to the tech savvy customers,  to the less technical, and to everyone in between.  Erado employs the best technicians spread across North America, we never outsource.  We have support representatives available by email 24x7x365.  Our phones are available from 9am EST to 9pm EST Monday through Friday.  We focus on providing the best customer support experience, with friendly, knowledgeable staff that can make the complex clear and understandable.


Reason #5 – Our Commitment To You

The success of any company depends on the satisfaction of its customers now and into the future.  This is why we invest in high-end hardware, data systems, great support personnel, and feature-rich applications.  Our commitment to your long term satisfaction is paramount to everyone on our team.  We will continue to invest in areas that provide great service and support to our customers. We look forward to serving you for many years to come.

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