whitepapericonArchiving and Compliance White Papers from Erado

Erado offers white papers on a range of issues relating to archiving, supervision, security, and best practices. These are provided in .pdf format for your convenience.

Electronic Communications Archiving – It’s the Law

Financial service firms send and receive a myriad of electronic communications to both current and future customers. Many of these communications include embedded hyperlinks to 3rd party created content such as news articles, blog and social media posts, cases studies and white papers. This 3rd Party created content presents costly regulatory review, archiving challenges, litigation, and e-discovery risk for firms. This whitepaper discusses these risks and how Erado’s Unified Archive uses 3rd Party archiving tools to reduce regulatory and litigation risk.

Reducing Complexity and Lowering Costs of Financial Services Compliance

The day-to-day responsibilities of compliance and supervisory personnel at financial services companies are becoming increasingly complex. This white paper discusses the challenges and potential pitfalls of new media retention and also offers advice on how to reduce complexity and cost for financial services.

Social Media Archiving- It’s the Law

This paper is designed to provide an overview and understanding of current social media archiving laws and regulations. It also reviews ways to implement Erado’s hosted social media archiving solution to comply with evolving requirements.

Five Steps to Electronic Communication Compliance

Every financial firm needs a compliance policy that covers archiving all aspects of communications from email to social media to websites and more. Not only do they need policies, but they need simple best practices to take advantage of these modern communication mediums. This guide is an excerpt of Erado’s Electronic Communications
Compliance Guide and provides common sense compliance policies and best practices.

Best Practices for Archiving and Securing Social Media and Collaboration Platforms

This Osterman Research white paper covers the increasing use of social media and collaborative platforms in business, compliance risks associated with these communication tools and best practices before enabling them for your company.

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