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Erado offers white papers on a range of issues relating to archiving, supervision, security, and best practices. These are provided in .pdf format for your convenience.

The Case for Archiving & Monitoring 3rd Party Content in Electronic Communications

Financial service firms send and receive a myriad of electronic communications to both current and future customers. Many of these communications include embedded hyperlinks to 3rd party created content such as news articles, blog and social media posts, cases studies and white papers.  This “3rd Party” created content presents costly regulatory review, archiving challenges, litigation, and   e-discovery risk for firms. This whitepaper discusses these risk and how Erado’s’ Unified Archive can and 3rd Party archiving tools can reduce regulatory and litigation risk.


Email Archiving It’s the Law

Financial service firms have myriad of regulation and legal requirements for the archiving, monitoring and preservation of electronic communications This whitepaper discusses these regulations and the risk of not adequately complying with these rules and how Erado’s’ Unified Archive can reduce regulatory and litigation risk


Why All Organizations Need to Manage and Archive Social Media

Social Media is here and its growing.  Not only do you need to capture the content of social media but also its ancillary links.  This white paper discusses the various risks that organizations face from unmanaged use of social media. It also offers advice on how organizations can mitigate these risks while at the same time realizing the competitive advantages that the use of social media can offer.


Email Encryption Its the Law

Security and confidentiality of customer data is not just the law, it is good for business.  This whitepaper discusses the laws and business case for implementing and using email encryption.


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