Secure Messaging and SMS/MMS Archiving

Eighty-five to eighty-six percent of mobile users are iPhone users. New compliance Regulatory Notice 17-18 requires all forms of electronic communication to be recorded. This includes text messages. The problem is that tracking text message communications is extremely difficult, especially on iPhones because iMessage (texting iPhone to iPhone) doesn’t turn off so there’s no way to capture these internet messaging servers. This also includes new apps like WhatsApp, Voxer and Facebook Messenger.

Erado’s Secure Messaging and SMS/MMS Archiving Solution is our answer to Regulatory Notice 17-18. As a cloud-based app, our system acts as a second phone device without employees needing to get a second business device. There is no bulky box to put in your data centers. There is no hardware. The app is carrier agnostic, so it doesn’t matter if you have AT&T or TMOBILE and it runs on all iOS + current android systems. Everything is tracked through the app for an easy solution to your compliance needs. Yes, it’s that good.

Our app is currently available for your text message archiving needs. In Q3 2017, we will be launching voice call archiving as well, which means companies can now track all voice calls through our new app from your one device. You will no longer need a work phone AND a personal phone. Business texting + web interface + voice calls will all be in one place.

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