Sell Socially with Engage™ Powered by Erado

Sell Socially with Engage™ Powered by Erado

Social media contains a wealth of information, and if used correctly that information can expand business value. Erado offers a few tips and the perfect tool to help you with the process: Engage™.

Think of social media as a meeting space. Different types of meetings have different settings, attire, etiquette, and conversation. Social media functions the same way. When pursuing business efforts there are three social media platforms to consider.

FacebookFacebook is the online library of people’s lives. Facebook is casual and relaxed. It’s a good place to connect with all—friends, family, coworkers, and other professionals. Facebook is where life happens. Where you can post pictures of something interesting you did or post your thoughts in a status update. Stay engaged with people on a personal level and they will remember you for it.

LinkedInLinkedIn is the place for all things professional. It is the glorified resume showcase. Your profile is completely comprised of your professional interests and experience. As a user you are engaged with connections when someone finds a new job, opens a business, has a work anniversary, and more.

TwitterAt first glance, Twitter seems like the place to speak your everyday thoughts. But Twitter can be so much more than that. When using hashtags “#” and mentions “@” users can target their posts towards the right audiences. Twitter is a great place to engage with followers by posting tips, ideas, and even start a discussion with knowledgeable professionals.

Now that you know this, how do you make sure you’re using social to its fullest potential? By utilizing Engage™ and our tips below, you will get the best return-on-investment and help your business grow.

Tip 1—Connect

Connecting can be as simple as giving a social media platform permissions to access your email contacts or searching the name of a person. Once you’re connected, the platform will even suggest people that you may know based on your connections. Smart, right?

If you see someone you know on social media, connect with them. The more you connect the more potential you will have to engage with people when they post buying signals. Build your network, it will reward you.

Tip 2—Look for Signals

Buying signals typically include life events, such as the birth of a child, engagements, weddings, travel plans, new jobs, retirement, relocation or moving, and more. Normally, looking for these signals is tedious and takes time out of your busy schedule.

Engage makes it easy. Just grant the application access to your profiles and it will filter through the noise to produce a weekly report of everything you should pay attention to on social media.

Tip 3—Start Conversations

Social media is the perfect meeting space to start a casual conversation. Did one of your connections mention that they’re having a baby? Congratulate them in a private message and ask them about their plans.

What if a connection doesn’t have a concrete life event coming up that could trigger a buying decision? Maybe they recently posted an interesting article. Try commenting on their post with a short but insightful addition to the article. Starting a simple conversation like this may not seem like much, but it will help that person remember that you are engaged with them. When the time comes that your connection posts a buying signal, it will be easier to engage because you have an established rapport.

Essentially, Engage goes fishing in your social stream and catches all the valuable fish (posts) by casting a net over your network. The more connected you are, the bigger the net and the more Engage will catch. Don’t wait, contact an Erado representative to learn more about Engage and how it has helped others expand their business.

To learn more about the Engage™ powered by Erado, please contact an Erado Representative at: 866-67ERADO (866-673-7236).

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