Security and Archiving: Are the Two Related?

Security and Archiving: Are the Two Related?

apples and oranges

At first glance security and archiving seem like two concepts unrelated to one another. Apples and oranges, right? So why are they both a part of this intricate process known as compliance? Depending on who you ask, you’ll hear different answers. Erado takes a different approach. We ask: how do the two come together and how do they help achieve compliance? Sure archiving and security do two different things, but are they meant to be integrated? The answer is yes, and we’ll tell you why.

Archiving is simple. Copy, store, search, access. The process is the same across all channels of electronic communication. You’ve written a message to a colleague, a partner sends you LinkedIn mail, a client posts to your Facebook wall and all of your electronic communication needs to be archived to stay in compliance. Each time you send an email, or receive a social media message, a copy is stored in the Elements Compliance Platform. Email security is more complex. Erado makes it simple by offering SecureMail™, a deep-scan of all outbound emails, and attachments. Your organization’s pre-defined or fully customized lexicon ensures confidentiality of email communications.

Sending a secure message doesn’t change your process. Scanning is automatic and removes the potential for human error. Recipients are unaware that the message has been encrypted. Messages are delivered in the least disruptive manner to the recipient and then an unencrypted copy is delivered securely to the archive for eDiscovery and surveillance. Users even have the option of performing a manual override by typing “Secureit” in the email to ensure the message is encrypted even if it doesn’t need to be.

Emails are typically encrypted when Personal Identity Information (PII) is found during surveillance. If surveillance technology finds PII, the message is automatically secured and delivered to the recipient via the easiest-to-read format. When Data Loss Prevention (DLP) content is found by surveillance technology, the email is blocked and returned to the sender for administrative action. Best of all, users don’t need to sign into a proxy server like with other providers. Meaning that you’re still in compliance even if you’re not logged in to the server.

So yes, comparing security and archiving is like comparing apples and oranges. But when you strip down the products to see the simplicity they offer for overall compliance, it is clear to see that archiving and security are valuable pieces only when functioning together. After all, if you’re making a fruit salad with just apples, your final outcome is an apple salad. It isn’t until you slice up and add in a few oranges that you will have a fruit salad. The same goes for compliance efforts, simply archiving your electronic communication without security won’t give you compliance. Your systems must be integrated.

Forget the process you used before. No more log in here for archiving, activate there for encryption, tap into this for hosted services, and open that platform for analytics. The chaos of multiple systems and vendors is over. The Elements Compliance Platform powered by Erado offers a comprehensive suite of integrated products and services. One platform to access everything you use and need on a daily basis.

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