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What We Do

Compliance Archiving

We archive all digital communication types — including more than 50 content channels — helping to keep your organization compliant. Complete package? We think so!

Supervision + Reporting

Our supervision and reporting applications are designed to save you time and increase productivity so you can do your job without the worry.

Social Media Compliance

When it comes to social media compliance, we started it… and patented it. Now you can BRB and TTYL all day knowing it’ll be archived.

Messaging + App Monitoring

Our developers are continuously preparing for the newest apps on the market — keeping you on trend.

Email Security Platform

Within the same comprehensive platform, we make sure you can deploy secure email communications to protect you when it counts. You’re welcome.

Customer Support

We won’t leave you alone with your software. Rest easy knowing we’re taking care of you behind-the-scenes and we’re here when you need us.

Automated Tools

Rest easy and save time knowing our compliance tools are working behind-the-scenes.

Retention Policies

Robust user and group retention polices to address regulatory archiving classifications.


Assign or forward messages to supervisors or other reviewers.

Reports Wizard

Simplify search and save reporting with quick and easy report creation.

3rd Party Content

Ability to archive, capture, and supervise content across all your channels.


Create company-defined lexicons or use pre-defined lists.


Search, retrieve, and apply policy in over 100 languages.


Flagged content is highlighted for increased productivity and ease of recognition.


Search, supervise, and apply policy to all attachments.


Archive, search, retrieve for audits and litigation.

Directional Policy

Create policy for what your organization creates and policy for content it receives.

Legal Hold

Override retention polices with robust legal hold capabilities.

Personal Archive

Personal archives save time, reduce costs, and improve productivity.


Advance reporting of all users, supervisors, and administrators activities for robust control.


Search based on random percentages across all content channels.

Audit Trail

Track message access, views, reviews, escalations and more.

Content Specific Policy

Email is different than Facebook or LinkedIn.  Manage policy by content channel.


Reduce false positives.  Create polices that exclude certain content.


Support is core to our platform.  Friendly, knowledgeable support staff at the ready.

The Worlds Top Companies Trust Erado

  • “We moved from an in-house solution to Erado. Our experience has been nothing less than fantastic. Erado’s support really is superior.

    Chris K. CIO

  • “Our old archiving firm took two to four weeks to export data for regulatory audits. Erado gives me the tools to search, tag, and export data anytime I need it.”

    Jason B. CCO

  • “Erado’s archiving and supervision platform is second to none. I can set my compliance reports setting based on the regulations I need to follow, so my supervision and auditing process is shorter”

    Davis A. CCO

  • “Prior to switching to Erado we were following up by printing, and manually storing remote hyperlink data for FINRA compliance. Erado’s archive and 3rd party content capture has saved us hundreds of man hours and over $100,000 in annual employee costs for our broker dealer.

    Sylvia K. CCO


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We’re the leader in social media archiving, because we started it… and patented it.


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Superior Support

We put the “human” behind the “tech” so you’re not left alone with your software.


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Customer Focused

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