Automated Compliance  and Reporting

Erado’s Supervision and Reporting applications are designed with one thing in mind; your time and productivity.  The supervision application automatically flags and classifies each message based on policy you create or one of 140+ predefined templates.  Flagged lexicon is highlighted for quick recognition in addition to hyperlinked and 3rd party content.  Complete lexicon control, message escalations, and audit trails keep your firm in compliance.

Supervision Tools


Zero in on flagged content that is highlighted in yellow for increased productivity.


Reduce supervisor review time.  Apply a lexicon to one or more content channels and by message direction for further time savings.

Audit Trail

Track message access, views, reviews, comments, escalations and more.

Group Policies

Create, manage, and apply comprehensive policies to different supervision classes.

Supervisor Reports

Advanced reporting of all users, supervisors, and administrators activities for robust control.


Search, retrieve, and download data in PST or EML format within minutes for audit and e-discovery requests.


Search using random percentages across one or more or all content channels.


Reduce false positives, skip the spam.  Create polices that exclude certain content.  Increase supervisor productivity across one or more content channels.

3rd Party & Hyperlinked Content

Search, retrieve, and supervise hyperlinked and 3rd party content fulfilling SEC and FINRA regulations.


Prioritize supervision tasks.  Ensure messages that need immediate supervision are handled quickly.


See status for reviewer daily quota and how many messages reviewed vs. messages left to be done.

Auditor Access

Give auditors “view only” access during examinations to reduce time.