Erado Releases Engage™, a New Social Listening Product

Erado Releases Engage™, a New Social Listening Product

RENTON, WA. – September 2, 2014 – Erado, an innovator in electronic communication compliance, announced the release of its Engage social listening platform. Engage™ is a social media listening tool that allows financial service advisors to leverage the content in their social streams for increased revenue generation.

Engage looks for relevant life events that trigger financial buying decisions. Once Engage finds content that is relevant it compiles a report with a contact link. Reports are also accompanied with rate and share features.

“About 4 years ago, I talked to a customer of ours who was a financial adviser. He was paying an intern to scour his Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter feeds of his account, his wife’s account, and his children’s accounts for parents that were discussing college planning needs. He was looking for life events.” said Craig Brauff, CEO of Erado.

Engage was designed to assist advisors in the financial services industry with social media selling efforts. Even more uniquely, Engage was designed to bring a revenue return to customers using the Social Media Archiving product offered by Erado.

“From then to today we have planned and created an exceptional product that adds value to social media efforts. We, at Erado, are proud to release Engage to the public,” stated Brauff.

For more information about Engage go to or contact an Erado Representative at 1.866.673.7236 (1.866.67ERADO).

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