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Social Media Archiving Made Easy

Monitoring your organization’s social media usage may be the most difficult internal governance policy to enforce.

Social media sites have now moved beyond the novelty stage and into the conventional. They have become so ubiquitous that they have materialized as effective tools within the corporate setting. Social media is everywhere and can no longer be avoided or ignored. In fact, social media enable businesses immediate, innovative and effective ways of marketing products and services, and connecting with clients.

The downside is that irresponsible social media use carries with it business risk. Social media content and messages are no different than email. They are subject to a wide range of compliance rules, liability, and electronic discovery requirements. Because of the litigation hold and ediscovery responsibilities, organizations need to treat social media activity just like any other electronic communication and always be prepared to secure and retrieve content under a litigation hold for long periods of time in a defensible manner.

Solutions are needed to provide social media monitoring, and quarantine of out-of-policy content. Conversation and content archiving should be strongly considered based on litigation hold and ediscovery responsibilities. Erado’s social media capturing suite assists with the capture, review, archiving, and journaling of all electronic communications and social media content including Google Plus, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Yammer, Vimeo, Chatter, YouTube, Bloomberg, blogs and websites. The Erado solution allows for real-time management, and contextual capture of messages and data across all forms of real-time communication channels, regardless of input device. Erado has archiving capability for the following social media brands, as well as blogs and websites.

Erado’s electronic content surveillance solution ensures that content created and posted by and to a user social media profile are captured, archived and monitored, using customer defined policy and lexicons. Erado efficiently captures and notify compliance in the event that sensitive content is found. Real-time alerts or daily/weekly reports are generated based on customer policy.

Surveillance lexicon and policy can be applied globally across all social media types or applied at the site level (eg:  Facebook, LinkedIn etc,) delivering the ability to monitor differing social media sites and their content types as per the customers policies. These capabilities are available across ALL social networks we currently capture data for such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Google +, Twitter, You Tube, Vimeo, Chatter, Yammer, Bloomberg, Blogs, SMS, email and instant messaging.

How It Works

Unlike end user software or server appliance solutions, Erado’s social media archiving service captures posts, status updates, messages, tweets, video, audio, and more directly from the social media site. It addresses the issue of usage from multiple post points (i.e. home, office, mobile devices). LinkedIn and Facebook content is acquired via Erado’s social media specific application. Tweets and blog posts are monitored for updates, and that content is captured.

Once captured, all social media content is translated and converted into Erado’s uniform archive format, it is delivered to either your Erado, in-house, or third party archiving and supervisory platform.

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Features and Benefits

Feature Benefit
Real time delivery of user content Erado’s social media application captures and delivers content in real time to your designated archive and surveillance system.
Uniform archive format Archive and supervise social media content within your Erado or existing email archiving solution. This means no additional training, software or hardware is required.
Content capture at the social media hub Addresses software management, and service appliance limitations by capturing content created from the office, home, or mobile device.
Can deliver to any archiving solution Erado’s uniform archive format works with all current email archiving solution.
Works with any content management system Erado’s social media application is transparent to the user. It works seamlessly with all current content management systems.
Integrates with any compliance and surveillance review system Erado’s uniform archive format works with all current compliance and email surveillance solutions.
Real time notification of user policy changes Erado’s social media application provides real time alerts to your compliance department of application policy changes and deletions.

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