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Update regarding Linux/Bash security vulnerability

Security Vulnerability 09-24-2014 The Linux/Bash security vulnerability discovered and reported on 09/24/2014 has been assessed for impact on our systems.


Sell Socially with Engage™ Powered by Erado

Social media contains a wealth of information, and if used correctly that information can expand business value. Erado offers a few tips and the perfect tool to help you with the process: Engage™. Think of social media as a meeting space. …

relaxed businessman throwing away papers to the sky

Technology and the Sole Practitioner: 3 Reasons to Take Compliance Paperless

Over the last 20 years technology has changed at an increasing rate and keeping up is hard to do. With everything else an adviser or rep has to manage, technology doesn’t seem as important. The longer you don’t think about technology the …

apples and oranges

Security and Archiving: Are the Two Related?

At first glance security and archiving seem like two concepts unrelated to one another. Apples and oranges, right? So why are they both a part of this intricate process known as compliance? Depending on who you ask, you’ll hear different answers. …

SEC announces fraud charges in social media case

In March 2014, the Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) released guidance on social media use by registered investment advisers. The SEC announced charges yesterday against Keiko Kawamura, who is accused of defrauding investors through Twitter, Facebook, and other social media channels.